Back to School 2020: Supporting Students as They Adjust to a New Normal

Back to School 2020: Supporting Students as They Adjust to a New Normal

Our new Back to School PDF is designed to help you create a safe and nurturing environment for students as they return to school after a difficult six months. This year, students have not only had their learning disrupted by a global pandemic, they have also seen protests erupt in response to police brutality and systemic racism. Given these circumstances and the uncertainty of what is to come, it is important that the classroom is a supportive space.

This PDF contains a range of activities, reflection questions and routines that will help you build a classroom community, and ground student-teacher relationships in trust, connection and understanding.

It is divided into the following sections, and contains exercises that can be used both in-person and remotely:

  1. Prepare to Welcome Your Students Back to School
  2. Activities for Building a Classroom Community
  3. Establishing Opening and Closing Routines

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