Choices in Little Rock Unit Outline for Teachers

Choices in Little Rock Unit Outline for Teachers

This five-week unit outline provides an instructional pathway for teaching our original resource Choices in Little Rock, which focuses on efforts to desegregate Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas, in 1957. As students examine this history, they will explore the idea of civic choices—the decisions people, including young people, make as citizens in a democracy.

This unit outline also includes includes C3-aligned performance tasks, in which students investigate and analyze evidence from rich primary sources and apply what they have learned to take informed action.

Find all the student-facing materials referenced in this unit outline in the Choices in Little Rock Student Guide.


Chicago Public School teachers can find the CPS-specfic Choices Unit Outline here

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Race in US History

Teaching Choices in Little Rock

The new Choices in Little Rock Unit Outline provides an instructional pathway for teaching the original Choices in Little Rock resource.

Race in US History
Civil Rights Movement

Choices in Little Rock

This resource investigates the choices made by the Little Rock Nine and others in the Little Rock community during the civil rights movement who made efforts to desegregate Central High School in 1957.

Print book,
Race in US History

Common Core Writing Prompts and Strategies: Choices in Little Rock

This resource provides writing prompts and strategies that align our Choices in Little Rock unit with the expectations of the Common Core State Standards.

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