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The Nazis: A Warning from History


6 episodes on 2 DVDs

This 6-part series from The History Channel explores the history of the Third Reich, using recently discovered documents and archival footage from former Soviet-Bloc nations.

  1. Helped into Power
    A detailed and sober account of German history from the aftermath of the First World War to Hitler's elevation to the post of Chancellor in 1933. This episode explains how a major European country fell under control of gangsters, aided by elements in the judiciary and business world.

  2. Chaos and Consent
    Episode 2 begins in 1933 with the Nazi ascent to power and concludes on the eve of the Second World War. There is chilling evidence that the Nazis enjoyed a large measure of popular support by finding scapegoats. This program shows how the Jews were persecuted and children with disabilities were killed just for being different.

  3. The Wrong War
    It's a story of creeping militarization and expansion, with a detailed breakdown of the events that led to Nazi Germany provoking The Wrong War. Hitler's attempts to court the British in the 1930s failed, but a non-aggression pact with Russia opened the way for a German invasion in Poland.

  4. The Wild East
    This episode reveals the atrocities that became part of everyday life as western Poland was absorbed into the German Reich. Compelling eyewitness testimony comes not only from the victims but from the perpetrator as well.

  5. The Road to Treblinka
    In 1940, there was still no plan to exterminate the Jews--merely to resettle them, but with the 1941 Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union, the complete clearing up of the Jews question was in sight. Interviewed in this episode, Lithuanian war criminal Petras Zelionka doesn't flinch when talking about killing under German orders--instead, he stares blankly when asked about his conscience.

  6. Fighting to the End
    This final episode of the series explores the reasons why Germany fought on long after any chance of winning the war was gone.

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