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The Reckoning (modules)

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45 minutes
Source: Facing History and Ourselves

Ever since the Nuremberg Trials, individuals around the world have imagined how an international judicial body could be used to prevent genocide, crimes against humanity, and other violations of civil and human rights. In 2002, more than 100 nations made this vision a reality with the establishment of the International Criminal Court in The Hague. To help classrooms explore some of the successes and challenges this new Court has faced, Facing History has partnered with Skylight Pictures, the producers of the film The Reckoning: The Battle for the International Criminal Court, to create three short video modules—each one focusing on an important dilemma raised by the Court related to issues of sovereignty, impunity, and peace. The modules help students confront the complexity of justice and judgment in a global context, and make connections to their own lives by raising questions such as: Are wrongdoers less likely to commit crimes when they think they might be caught and punished? What is justice? Does it look the same in all communities? How can individuals and nations work together to create a safer, more just community? These videos are also available below.

Module 2 - Seeking Peace and Seeking Justice: The ICC and Uganda

Module 3 - International Law, Testing the Limits: The ICC and Darfur

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International Law, Testing the Limits: The ICC and Darfur

From the film "The Reckoning" , International prosecutor Luis Moreno Ocampo tells the story of the 2005 International Criminal Court (ICC) prosecution of war crimes in Darfur.

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Seeking Peace and Seeking Justice: The ICC and Uganda

From the film "The Reckoning", this video uses voices of those who suffered to explore how the International Criminal Court’s involvement in Uganda has sparked conversation and action in the battle against the Lord's Resistant Army.

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Former Child Soldier Jimmy Otim, of the International Criminal Court

Jimmy Otim was abducted by the LRA as a young student from this classroom in northern Uganda. He went on to become the International Criminal Court’s Field Public Information and Outreach Assistant in northern Uganda.

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