Never Forgotten: Teaching with and through Women’s Calls for Justice

May 13, 2021
Teaching with and through Women’s Calls for Justice
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Never Forgotten: Teaching with and through Women’s Calls for Justice

Join Facing History and Ourselves, along with the Royal Ontario Museum, to explore the activist and advocacy work of Indigenous women as an approach to teaching, honouring and raising awareness for missing and murdered Indigenous women, girls, and two spirited people.  Through their words and lives, we centre women’s agency, and grapple with the historic and ongoing injustices they bring to light.

In this workshop, we will use interactive and engaging learning strategies, resources and draw on testimony from activists Laurie Odjick and Shailla Manitwabi to learn together. We will share some approaches to ground us and the students we teach with cultural safety and self-care.

We hope you will join us in ensuring the Calls for Justice, the women activists and advocates, and those who are missing, or were murdered, will never be forgotten.

This workshop is intended for high school social science and humanities educators.




Workshop facilitators and support personnel:

  • Kim Wheatley, Shkoden Neegan Waawaaskonen, Traditional Grandmother and ancestral knowledge keeper, Shawanaga First Nation
  • J'net AyAyQwaYakSheelth, Indigenous Outreach and Learning Coordinator, ROM
  • Leslie Kachena McCue, Indigenous Knowledge Resource Teacher and Coordinator for the Royal Ontario Museum Youth Cabinet, ROM 
  • Justin Kewaquado, Kiowa Wind Memorial (KWM) Indigenous Support Staff, ROM
  • Kaya Joan, Indigenous Digital Learning Support Staff, ROM
  • Jasmine Wong, Senior Program Associate, Facing History and Ourselves
May 13, 2021
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

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