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Facing History's resources will help you meet the following MA state standards: 

Topic 5: The Civil War and Reconstruction

Topic 6: Rebuilding the United States: Immigration and Industry

  • Study Guide: Becoming American: The Chinese Experience

    Explores themes of identity and belonging in the context of the ways the first arrivals from China in the 1840s, their descendants, and recent immigrants have “become American.”

  • Core Case Study: Lesson 9: "Equality for All?" from The Reconstruction Era

    Examines the limits to the transformation of American democracy during the Radical Reconstruction era.

  • Teaching Idea: The Legacies of Chinese Exclusion

    Explores why the anti-immigration law of 1882 matters today and how Chinese exclusion has shaped enduring attitudes about difference, citizenship, and American identity.

Topic 7: Progressivism and World War I

  • Core Case Study: Holocaust and Human Behavior, Chapter 3

    Focuses on how WWI shaped and was shaped by ideas of “we” and “they,” and highlights aspects of the war that influenced the history of Nazi Germany.

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