Ruth Fischer (1895-1961)

Ruth Fischer was a member of the creative Jewish Eisler family, which produced political activists and creative artists. She was a leader of the German Communist Party (KPD) during the 1920’s and fought battles both within the party and within the international communist movement to keep the KPD from falling under the control of Moscow. She lost the battle internally to Ernst Thälmann and his pro-Moscow faction, and internationally to Stalin who wished to dominate all Communist parties. Fischer fled to the USA when the Nazis took power in Germany in 1933, lived in Cambridge MA, taught and wrote.

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Additional Print & Video Resources on Ruth Fischer:

  • Ruth Fischer, Stalin and German Communism: A Study in the Origins of the State Party (Harvard University Press) 1948.
  • Rosa Leviné-Meyer, Inside German Communism: Memoirs of Party Life in the Weimar Republic (Pluto Press) 1977.

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